Communist Party expels active party members


Kurultai deputy of Bashkiria Dmitry Chuvilin, who is one of the coordinators of the local branch of the Left Front organization, was expelled from the Communist Party. Along with him, another 10 members who were activists of the Left Front were expelled.

Dmitry Chuvilin
Dmitry Chuvilin

“The more actively the person behaves, the greater the likelihood that they will be expelled. The same situation happened to Albert Rakhmatullin: he was expelled after he spoke very openly at public hearings on the budget of the republic. They filed the claim that they were not allegedly satisfied with his report”, the deputy said.

Thus, the Communist Party has once again proved itself to be a systemic “opposition” party which coordinates all its activities with the government and suppresses those who disagree with the party’s leadership policy. The Communist Party has long discredited itself and all conscious communists should finally get rid of any illusions about this party.