Clergyman cursed all those calling to close churches because of coronavirus


The convent abbot, Nikolay Romanov, in his speech cursed everyone who called for quarantine in churches. The clergyman also said that there is no coronavirus, thus, according to him, Masons and representatives of some nations are trying to seize power. As evidence of his fabrications, the priest quoted lines from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Nikolay Romanov is the confessor of many influential and famous politicians and athletes, for example, Natalia Poklonskaya and Pavel Datsyuk.

Nikolay Romanov
Nikolay Romanov

Our site has already written about the situation with closing churches in Russia, and Sverdlovsk region as well. Now we have heard the opinion of one of the church representatives, who insists not only on the impossibility of closing churches, cursing all who call for the quarantine, but also proclaiming obscurantist, hateful slogans. At the same time, we see that the authorities are not in a hurry to call this character to account, despite the fact that his speech is full of extremist slogans. Obviously, this figure has high patrons in the government. This means that similar ideas circulate in power structures.

The Russian authorities have long flirted with the Russian Orthodox Church. The state and the ROC have a mutually beneficial cooperation: the state gives the church money, various benefits, and provides other support. The Russian Orthodox Church helps the state in propaganda. However, over the past 30 years, the Russian Orthodox Church has gained enough strength and gained some influence in society, so now the state has to reckon with the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church, because otherwise it may lose the support of part of the population, and this is a rather cohesive part. However, the Russian Orthodox Church cannot go into serious conflict with the state, because in any case, power is stronger than the church. Therefore, both the state and the Russian Orthodox Church take cautious and half-hearted measures: they don’t close churches directly, but they call on parishioners to stay home. Of course, for many churchmen this situation is intolerable: they lose part of their income, influence on the flock, some of which may fall away from the church.

On the example of this speech, we see how greed, obscurantism and chauvinism pose a threat to human life and health. The work of the churches leads to the fact that the quarantine regime is incomplete, especially since the religious rites themselves contradict the basic rules of hygiene.