City Hall of Rostov plans to change rules of felling trees


According to FederalPress, the mayor’s office of Rostov is going to amend the law on the scheme of compensatory tree planting.

A typical city green oasis
A typical city green oasis

“How did it work before? Let’s say, a company wants to build a house or a shopping center, for this you need to remove a tree, and in return you make a compensatory planting. The company did this on its own and, in fact, did not bear responsibility for this tree in the future. Now we are changing the algorithm, we plan to amend the legislation. That is, the cost of the demolition of the old tree, a new tree, its planting and three-year maintenance is calculated. The money for this will go to the City Treasury, and the Rostov administration will plant new trees and monitor them. This is a guarantee that a high-quality planting material will be chosen and that the planted tree will not dry out in a year”, said Alexander Logvinenko, the Rostov Mayor.

Despite the fact that the initiative is inherently sound, everyone knows the extent to which entrepreneurs “care” for the environment. This is why shifting responsibility to the city administration raises some concerns. In particular, it is not clear who will control the planting of trees in the administration. What will prevent them, following the example of real estate developers, from planting weak, diseased trees, and directing the money allocated for their maintenance to other places, for example, to plug holes in the budget or just to thicken someone’s pocket?