Ceiling fell off in one of Kurgan’s region schools


In canteen of a local school in Safakulevo, Kurgan region, a ceiling fell off in Saturday. Thankfully, at this time, no one was inside the building, and this accident caused zero casualties.

Such accidents is not in a short supply in Russia, this happens at least several times in a year. Sometimes with casualties – in August, this year, in Blagoveschensk, Amur region, ceiling fell off in a kindergarten, 3 kids were hospitalized.

Many people in such cases blamed it on a widespread corruption. Indeed, in order to get a tender for construction or renovation, bribing certain officials will significantly increase chances to succeed. This is also goes for signing of act of completion of works – a good pile of cash will help commission to turn a blind eye on neglected safety regulations, etc. While it is correct answer for a most cases, it still can be concidered somewhat superficial.

Answer that is more valid is that it is a capitalism’s fault. The primal criteria of success of every enterprise if profit. There is no such crime that will stop capitalist from striving for a greater profits. That is a reason behind bribing officials that paving the way for a lucrative contract. The other, legal way to cut the expences by using cheaper materials. In other words, corruption is consequence of capitalism, not its cause.

To sum it up, such events will continue to take place in Russia while capitalists caliing the shots. To get rid of such accidents once and for all, a change of current economic and political order for a more progressive formation is needed.