Businessmen ask for tax cuts on their income


Can working class count on any kind of support?

The list of initiatives for inclusion in the report of the Commissioner for the Rights of Business people in Moscow has a request to reduce the tax on founders’ income to 6%, TASS reports. The condition for reducing the rate is an annual income of fewer than 2 million rubles. There were no proposals from businessmen to reduce the personal income tax of employees having wages at around the subsistence level.

Now the tax rate on dividends is 13% for resident individuals and 15% for non-resident individuals. Moscow businessmen hope for amendments to federal legislation.

Business ombudsmen really earn their keep! They protect company owners from “police lawlessness” (in fact, business people do not break windows in the offices of the ruling parties) and “too strict” labor laws. More recently, there has been a proposal to lower property tax. Now they want their beneficiaries to receive the dividend withholding tax relief. To put it in a nutshell, they are always on duty, keeping themselves busy.

And the bourgeois power hears the voice of its “blood brothers”, nourishes and cherishes them.

But the echoing cries of millions of Russians living on tiny incomes around the subsistence level are not the interest of capital. For example, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, who receives a little less than 30 million rubles a year, believes that the poor should continue to give 13% of their minimum wages. Otherwise, “the budget of the Russian Federation will not be executed.”

However, nothing else can be expected from the bourgeois state. Some minor concessions can still be achieved, but the situation can be radically changed in favor of hired workers only by replacement of the ruling class.