Business is having difficulty getting subsidies for employee salaries


Almost 100,000 companies and individual entrepreneurs who tried to apply for a wage subsidy were not able to do it, RG.RU reports.

Getting paid is becoming more and more difficult
Getting paid is becoming more and more difficult

As the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Yegorov told reporters, in total 351,000 people have applied for support since May 1, but only 257,000 entrepreneurs have received a positive response.

The head of the Federal Tax Service called the main reason for the mass refusals errors in filling out applications. He recommended applying for help on the website of the Federal Tax Service to find out if the company has the right for a subsidy and correctly prepare all the necessary documents.

In general, the situation with wage subsidies is very similar to receiving state support by ordinary citizens, which we wrote about earlier. Too many Russian businesses have been severely hit by the crisis, so applicants have to be “filtered”. There is good reason to believe that the preference here will be given to those companies whose leaders can turn to the President or Prime Minister for help in person and thereby avoid a “mistake in filling out the application”.

This is the principle of the system operation that has developed in the country: the Russian government primarily supports representatives of large capital. Rosneft, for example, does not hesitate to look into the country’s budget, regardless of how many billions have accumulated in the account of its leader.

Smaller players, though, who are not directly connected with the oligarchs, will be left to their own devices and to the mercy of the raging crisis.