“Budget food” as a response to the price increase


How about quality?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that grocery stores do not need additional permits to sell “budget food.” This was the response to the initiative of the Potato Union of the Russian Federation to sell small potatoes.

In this regard, it’s worth recalling that the Potato Union took part in the discussion over basic food prices and suggested that retailers put on their shelves “economy class” potatoes: root crops ranging in size from 35 to 55 mm in nets of 2.5 – 3 kg. These potatoes will cost customers 15 – 20% less than ones of ordinary average quality.

Farmers are currently required by retail chains to sort potato root crops by size. If these demands were eased up and unsorted potatoes could be packaged, manufacturers would save up to 50% of packing cost, says Tatyana Gubina, head of the Union’s office. This should stabilize prices, which have almost doubled within a year.

As can be found in the proposal, getting the price of an essential food product right by the deterioration of its quality is quite natural for the market-driven society. Working people who can’t afford to have “gold-plated” steaks might be offered pea-sized potatoes that used to be an animal feed (but, of course, selling it at the grocery store brings much more profit). And the Government considers such proposals to be quite normal.

“This issue is currently not regulated by the law. “Economy class” food is not determined. There is a wide range of items in the market. The sales policy of retail companies is decided on a case-by-case basis in response to their customers preferences,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Trade told reporters.

They say, sell anything you want, the poor will always get it cheap whether it would be tiny little potatoes or crooked cucumbers.

This attitude towards the common people is increasingly becoming the norm in bourgeois Russia. But we do not think this is the right way. A sociable just and fair society would not prejudice the rights of those who create its wealth and provide it with all necessary.