Bastrykin: the reason for the execution of children in Kazan is parental greed


The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, said that the terrible massacre in gymnasium No. 175 in Kazan occurred due to the lack of security – the parents of the students did not want to pay for it. At the same time, the official accused the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of the fact that they are “completely not engaged” in work with youth, as well as regional administrations, since they did not ensure the implementation of the ICR proposals put forward after the execution of children by a psychopath from Kerch. Meanwhile, terrorist attacks in schools have become commonplace.

“The school was not guarded, although there was a security agreement. I asked the headmistress: “Why didn’t they guard the school?” – “The parents were against.” – “Why?” She didn’t say a word. And I know why: the parents had to give money for security, but they refused. There was no security, although the agreement already existed”, said Bastrykin during a military scientific conference in Moscow.

The parents were greedy. However, according to the official, schools are not protected from shootings not only for this reason.

“After the execution in Kerch we also dealt with it and made our proposals in order to eliminate conditions that could contribute to the commission of crimes in the future <…> Today we returned to these instructions from the government. I report that 50% of all instructions that were given in a broad sense, from the protection of educational institutions to educational work, have not been fulfilled”, Bastrykin said.

At the same time, according to Bastrykin, the government agencies that are responsible for the upbringing of young people completely neglect their duty. The official especially noted the “contribution” of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science.

But who is really to blame for the tragedies in Kazan and Blagoveshchensk? Who is to blame for the fact that Saratov schoolchildren were preparing a mass murder, and children from Chelyabinsk – an explosion in the school cafeteria? Who is to blame that the 15-year-old boys from Krasnoyarsk decided to blow up the school during a school event?

It is not surprising that in recent years, parents are increasingly suggesting the return of the Soviet education system, and more and more young people are paying attention to the activities of the left and communist organizations. Because in our country, children have never blown up children, and schools were fully supported by the state, but the years of poverty of parents and aimlessness of children’s lives led to sad results. A schoolboy living in the Russian outback sees no prospects in life. Passing the state exams is quite an ordeal. Entering a university is a pipe dream. This is how Russian “Columbines” are born. And the parents are to blame only for the fact that they are still tacitly watching how the system destroys the destinies of their beautiful and intelligent children.