Authorities will allow carriers not to refund money in pandemic


The Government of the Russian Federation intends to allow passenger carriers not to refund money for tickets in case of refusal to travel due to the pandemic. According to Kommersant, the involved departments have already developed a legislation bill.

The government will let the carriers not to refund passengers
The government will let the carriers not to refund passengers

If it is accepted, companies will be able to transfer the equivalent of funds to the passenger’s personal account or issue vouchers for future trips instead of a direct refund. This decision was unanimously supported by all carriers, citing the fact that in the current economic environment this is the only way to stay afloat.

So, representatives of Aeroflot said that passenger traffic has decreased by 80%, and the volume of returns could reach 70 billion rubles. Russian Railways have already issued returns of 8 billion rubles, and the volume of traffic has decreased by 70%. Therefore, this measure is considered necessary by carriers for the survival of the industry.

The Russian government fully shares the concerns of transport business: the State Duma is going to work on this bill in May, despite the fact that many experts consider the decision to retroactively deprive passengers of the opportunity to return their money contrary to legal norms.

Do not be surprised if this decision, despite the identified contradictions, is still carried out. After all, the bourgeois leaders of the country were put to their positions in order to protect the interests of capital under any circumstances. And they will do this not by cutting bonuses of Aeroflot top managers or the income of the head of Russian Railways, but by depriving ordinary passengers of their right to cancel their trips without bearing a loss, even in the face of a direct threat to their health and life.