Authorities of the Vladimir region: one doctor works for ten


“Kovidny” load is 10 times higher than the norm

The health department of the Vladimir region reported that the workload on primary care doctors exceeds the norm by 10 times: the pandemic forces specialists to serve up to 100 people per shift. In addition, the quality of medical care is affected by a shortage of specialists – about a thousand doctors are not enough to work effectively.

These thoughts were voiced at an online briefing on the current epidemiological situation in the region.

“In outpatient clinics, each district therapist works <…> with an enormous load. For a shift, he inspects and receives from 40 to 50 people, and at the same time, 45 calls still need to be serviced. That is, at 11 o’clock in the evening, these doctors return to medical institutions, sit on couches to rest a little, and then return to their offices to register all this in electronic form and analyze patients, “said the head of the department for organizing medical care of the department health care Svetlana Grigoryan.

She noted that over the past day, 80% of 98 calls for patients with covid have ended in hospitalization.

The situation is worsen by a shortage of medical personnel. In 2020, according to Vladimirstat, 4,896 doctors worked in the region – the maximum number in five years. However, the health care system of the region lacks about a thousand doctors for effective work.

There are also not enough free beds for patients with coronavirus.

“To date, 2,255 beds have been set in medical organizations for patients with a new coronavirus infection, 90.7% are occupied, the free bed capacity is 9.2% – there are practically no beds in intensive care units,” Grigoryan said.

About a hundred coronavirus patients go to the ambulance per day, 80% of them need hospitalization. The number of new patients exceeds the number of those who recovered every day.

“The prognosis is unfavorable, judging by the analysis of the emerging of new patients and the discharge of the recovered,” added Grigoryan.

Doctors work hard not only in the Vladimir Oblast, but throughout Russia. Not only medical staff suffer, but also their patients, because a tired doctor who has worked several shifts in a row is an inattentive doctor. Working conditions for doctors have improved only nominally – in the covid era, it became much harder to work, and wages increased slightly.

As for the shortage of doctors, in some hospitals, the medical staff was faced with layoffs: the management tried to save money on workers.

The number of deaths of doctors at work has become more frequent: the fight against covid is always associated with a threat to life. If the doctor dies from the virus, the relatives must receive compensation, but the state also has to fight for it.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed pain points in the structure of the state model created for and in the name of business, indifferent to a simple man.