Authorities invite people to vote by drawing of prizes like apartments and cars


Citizens of Moscow who take part in remote voting on the Internet will be able to win a car or an apartment within the framework of a special campaign “A million prizes – #ChooseTogether”. This was announced by the vice-president of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Vladimir Mokhte. Business and government are touchingly rallied against the background of an indomitable decline in public interest in the elections.

“This year, 100 cars and 20 apartments in Moscow will be drawn among the participants in the electronic voting in the elections in September. This is a unique situation and I encourage everyone to vote electronically”, Mokhte said.

Over 70 companies, including “Detsky Mir”, “Magnit”, “Pyaterochka” and “Azbuka Vkusa”, helped to create the “unique situation”.

Businesses were asked to help increase turnout in elections that no one needs: a recent poll by VTsIOM showed that Russians are interested in politics, but do not go to elections – only 22% of those polled participated in elections in the past. Political absenteeism in Russia is a mysterious thing. The share of those who are not interested in political and public life has decreased to a 14-year minimum – to 15%. It turns out that 85% of Russians are showing interest in social and political life; they read the corresponding Telegram channels and follow the political activity on YouTube – everyone is choosing side.

Elections are part of the political process; they are supposed to confirm the rational-legal type of domination. The latest events in the electoral field show how interested the authorities are in making the elections an institution that citizens trust. But this does not happen, despite many attempts, which means that the system is slowly but surely destabilizing. 

A high turnout is a way to show that the elections in our country are still significant. In this regard, if there is no confidence in the elections, the system built on this mechanism collapses at the base. Lack of confidence in elections is a destabilization, delegitimization of the existing model. The crisis in the political system has been going on long enough to say with confidence that the administration is ready to do everything to keep the turnout.

We are witnessing a real PR campaign, deployed with the aim of attracting you and me to the polling stations, physically or remotely. The most famous politicians, actors, businessmen offer us benefits, if only we come and vote for those parties and for those people who will not change anything in this country.