Arms manufacturers and dealers are concerned about a possible drop in revenue


The executive director of the Union of Russian gunsmiths – Vladimir Zhikharev, spoke about a possible decrease in the proceeds of manufacturers and sellers of weapons in connection with the introduction of amendments to the recent gun-wonership legislation, Kommersant reports. According to his calculations, losses could amount to about five billion rubles a year.

Zhikharev believes that the desired preventive effect from tightening the legislation is incommensurate with the losses of gunsmiths.

Let’s clarify this right away. Wwe are not opposed to stricter requirements for arms circulation. However, we agree with the representative of the Union of Armourers that the amendments being introduced will have little effect on the prevention of armed attacks.

After all, the main reason for the growth of violence in the country is not the ease of access to obtaining a license to acquire a carbine. Its not even the leniency of punishment for violations in the sale, circulation and storage of weapons.

The roots of the rise in violence lie in the economy. The growing gap between the incomes of the rich and the poor, the awareness of the lack of prospects for a decent life among millions of ordinary Russians – all these are real reasons for the increase in the number of mentally ill people, among whom there are those who are ready to use firearms against other citizens. Difficulties in obtaining a firearms license will not stop people impulsives desire to commit crime. To achieve their goals, they will not use legally bought rifled weapons, but rather knives, axes and handmade explosives.

But this is not what businessmen are concerned about. Their problem is the fall in profits. “Minus 5 billion in the pocket” does not allow “gunsmiths” to sleep peacefully.

Most likely, amendments to the legislation will be adopted. After all, the authorities need to somehow react to the massacres in Kazan, Kerch and other cities of Russia. However, business will not accept falling profits. This means that it is highly likely that the owners will compensate for the decrease in their incomes by a mechanism known to them – a decrease in workers’ wages, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in discontent among the population.

Only the transition to an economy, in which, there is no possibility of enriching a handful of owners of the means of production by appropriating the results of the labor of millions of wage workers will actually reduce the likelihood of being killed by a bullet driven to madness.