An unfinished school will be demolished in Arkhangelsk to build in its place another school

According to the regional editorial, in the capital of Pomoriye (Arkhangelsk) an auction has been announced. Following this auction, the company responsible for the demolition of the unfinished school will be determined. The reason for the demolition was not the accident rate or fatal violations committed during the construction, but the change in construction standards, which does not allow the building to be used in its current form according to its original purpose. At the same time, no other applications for the almost finished building were found, and demolition was announced as the only possible solution. For the development of design and estimate documentation for the demolition of the object, 500 thousand rubles alone were allocated.

“The building does not comply with current building codes and SanPin standards. In particular, the facts that the gym is on the second floor.  According to the new standards, it should be exclusively on the first floor. As a result, the only solution is to demolish the object. ” the press service of the city administration reports.

No need to rush and accuse the legislators of the fact that they change the construction norms so quickly that the structures become obsolete already in the process of their construction. In fact, the construction of this school for 850 students began in the late 1980s and was frozen during the collapse in the 90s. So, the Soviet building standards that were “not useful for anything” were once again to blame. “The design decisions that guided the construction of the school building in the late 1980s are so outdated that it is impossible to use this facility to house the school.”

Equally, it is just as impossible in this situation to explain the fact that most of the schools in Russia were built exactly on those outdated SanPin and somehow continue to operate. Although, maybe, it would be more correct to demolish them all and instead build new schools that meet all modern standards? By the way, there is an excellent project aimed at combating overcrowding in schools which was conceived back in 2015. Vladimir Putin called this issue one of the most important problems of our country. The project envisioned the construction of 14,234 new schools by 2025. That is approximately 1423 schools a year.

Half of the time allotted for the project has already passed, and the interim results are as follows: In 2017, then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, “happily announced, that a record number of schools would open in the country – 94 in total”. This year, the pace has accelerated and “by September 1 over 4 schools with a total capacity of more than 33.6 thousand places will be commissioned. By the end of 2020, another 96 general education organizations for almost 56 thousand places.” So, maybe there is no reason to be discouraged? You’ll see, we will catch up by 2025… So far, however, the Accounts Chamber is demonstrating frankly defeatist sentiments. But all is not yet lost! After all, Arkhangelsk has already joined the struggle. It will build a new, correct school on the site of the “unusable” school for 850 seats. According to officials, it is already being built as we speak. Being built without waiting for the demolition of the existing one, on the same land plot – the initial school will house for 165 places.

Another question that is difficult to solve for a person who cannot think like an official is: how could it have been possible for more than 2 decades not to find any other options for using an actual constructed building? As you can see in the photo, window frames were even installed in the building and mainly finishing work was to be completed. But apparently, (and this is even hard to say) a school with a gym on the second floor doesn’t have the right to be utilised! For example, the option to attach a new gymnasium as a separate facility and have the premises reconceived for other purposes probably did not seem an economically viable option for the city administration. Indeed, in comparison with the extension of the gym and some other modifications, the project of demolishing the building, dividing the site and constructing several objects in its place looks much more effective! Particularly effective in terms of creating jobs and injecting money into the economy – in particular, into the economy of “friendly” design and construction companies.

In short, we have another example of the high “efficiency” of the capitalist economy. Millions of rubles are confidently directed to a project that is perplexing to everyone who finds out about it and first of all, of course, to the city’s residents. But not to all of them – the decision-makers and those involved in the implementation of the project probably do not feel any bewilderment.

In the meantime, the Arkhangelsk doctors were transferred to the usual mode of remuneration i.e. regional co-payments for work with COVID patients will be received by doctors for the last time in September 2020. The chairman of the government of the Arkhangelsk region, Alexei Alsufiev, called these payments “a serious burden on the budget.” At the same time, it turns out that the spending of 500,000RUB on documentation for demolition alone (how many millions the demolition itself will cost will become known only after the development of the project is complete), does not seem to burden the regional budget in any way. But we, not being officials, are unlikely to be able to take into account all the criteria by which the “burden” for the budget is determined: perhaps, the value of the recipient of funds for the budget and its distributors is taken as the basis – and doctors in this indicator, lose to construction companies.

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