An official considers the existing procedure for issuing diplomas absurd


The statement was made by Dmitry Peskov, special presidential representative for digital and technological development. According to the official, the existing procedure does not allow to confirm whether the knowledge gained is relevant or not, reports “TASS”.

The statement was made during the online lecture as part of “Archipelago 20.35” educational intensive. 

“Diplomas [in the future] cannot be substituted for competency profiles or portfolios. They will remain, but they will have to be transformed into “diploma on demand” format, which shows the current state of your knowledge and competence. Which means that these are diplomas with expiration date, with a certain specified period of time when it is valid“, – said Peskov.

The official also spoke unpleasantly about the old educational programs and even called them “rubbish”.

“It would be a catastrophic mistake for the country and for the educated social class to keep all this rubbish with them in 2020s. Our graduates don’t meet modern requirements, which slows us down as a country and results in losing the country’s competitiveness in the world market”, Peskov said.

The very name of the event (“Archipelago 20.35”), at which this idea was voiced, immediately makes us think of “Strategy 2035” – exercises in strategic planning, so beloved by our country’s leaders. 

However, we should remember what happened to the previous “Strategy – 2020”. This topic was disclosed in great detail in the video of our party member Oleg Komolov. Let’s reveal the secret: nothing has been done.

It is impossible to predict what the inplementation of “diplomas with an expiration date” will lead to. However, it is worth noting that education is getting worse every year. Changing the type of diplomas can lead to anything, including reduction in the flow of applicants and universities as such.

Optimization of education continues: huge amounts of money are spent, endless “development strategies” are created, but somehow they bring no result. And it’s the working class again, who has to bear all the expenses for these governmental initiatives. This directly affects each of us.