An audit into scientist’s wages on the way


The President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin, instructed to perform an audit into the remuneration funds of regional educational institutions after a public announcement on live news of Siberian scientist’s salary of 25 thousand rubles (over 300% less than the standard). The issue was raised at a meeting of the Council for Science and Education, reports.

A Novosibirsk scientist – Anastasia Proskurina, outlined the amount of her salary during a meeting of the Council. However, it turned out that the scientist’s salary is three smaller, contrary to the information within the ministry’s reports.

“It should be 78 thousand. Where is the money? Anton Germanovich, if you say you have information that they have 200 per cent of the average in the regions,” Where is the money, Zin?” – the President addressed to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, quoting a phrase from a song of a famous soviet icon – Vladimir Vysotsky.

As it turned out, in order to increase key performance indicators, scientists are forced to transfer to half the wage or less. Besides this issue, Russian science has many other problems, which we have already and will continue to uncover in this blog.

Managing the country in analog mode is surprising. As such, Putin previously personally resolved the issue of the landfill in Balashikha, a ramp for the disabled in Oryol, promised to deal with regarding water and light in Crimea, and now he is helping Novosibirsk scientists.

We pose the question: how many more people are waiting in line to ask the president a question? There are more than 146 million of us, and apparently, not everyone will have time to get an answer.

While such “Tsarly” leadership still presides in Russia, sustainable development should be, for the meantime, forgotten. There are not enough presidents and ministers to solve all our problems.