Alexei Kudrin came up with a way to save on taxes

During a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, Alexei Kudrin proposed a way to avoid tax increases in the next few years. According to the opinion of the Head of the Accounts Chamber (Alexei Kudrin), it is as easy as using “the unclaimed resource of the Russian economy” – the simple sale of state-owned assets.

Head of the Accounts Chamber – Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin

During his report on the matters of audit and execution of the federal budget, the head of the Accounts Chamber commented:

“Our economy is still so state-controlled, that we can easily get 200-300 billion rubles of resources from privatization within the next five to six years. Maybe some taxes would not have to be raised.”

Analysing the results of the privatisation of state entities in 2019, this official also noted that in the reporting period “only” 4.2 billion rubles were received from such activities. Such low rates of privatisation, according to A. Kudrin, do not correspond to the President’s directives to reduce the state’s share in the economy.

Alexey Leonidovich has long and persistently promoted the need to expand and accelerate the privatization of state assets. After all, he, along with A. Chubais, is one of the main “mouthpieces” of capitalism and the free-market economy.

Plans for the transfer of various state property into the hands of “effective owners” are annually announced by various representatives of the Government the Russian Federation. Various arguments are used to justify the need for privatization: ensuring production efficiency, replenishing the budget to fulfil social obligations, and so on. Now they are promising “maybe” not to raise taxes. We see from experience that these promises are almost never fulfilled.

Privatization benefits only the owners of the means of production. The ongoing economic crisis and the depreciation of the ruble give big capital an even more profitable chance to get its hands on tidbits of state assets. And the capitalists do not want to miss this chance.

For ordinary workers, the sale of state property to private hands always turns into job cuts and a cut in wages. The working people can change the situation in only one way – by taking power into their own hands.

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