According to the official, 17 thousand rubles a month is enough for a young scientist


News of the Year of Science and Technology

Deputy Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Irina Manuylova called 17 thousand rubles ($231) a sufficient salary for young scientists, LENTA reports. As for the income of Manuilova herself, for 2019 the official declared nearly 2,800,000 rubles ($38,000).

At the event hold as part of the Year of Science and Technology, Irina Manuylova told those present that in the near future a minimum wage level will be introduced for young scientists. It will be from 17 to 20 thousand rubles and will allow the future luminaries of science “to feel a certain financial protection”.

Recall: Recently Vladimir Putin instructed to check the salary funds of regional educational institutions and universities after the announcement of the scientist’s salary of 25 thousand rubles. The issue was raised at a meeting of the Council for Science and Education.

Apparently, it was checked. So the deputy governor claims that the commission of the Ministry of Education and Science came, looked at the documents, and made decisions. What else is required? The Putin’s “May decrees” of 2012 spoke about rising average salaries, and any more or less literate person should know how to calculate the average: someone will have a lot, another one – hardly anything, but the average is still all right. All without cheating.

An official who allegedly benefits society more than ten young scientists (judging by her annual income) probably knows what she is talking about. She, apparently, is aware of how today, for 20 thousand rubles a month, someone can “feel financially secure”, i.e. not shrinking in expenses to buy not “economy class” but quality food; rent a house or access a mortgage for purchasing a home; spend a holiday in domestic resorts; buy quality clothes, etc.

And having worked only a few years for Russian science, it will be possible with full confidence to count on as much as 26 thousand monthly.

It is a pity that ex-prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev was not present at this event. He probably would have reminded about the “vocation for being a scientist” and would have advised those who want to earn a lot instead of puzzling over solving complex problems and setting experiments to go into business – same as he once recommended school teachers to act.

Basic science, free education and health care, the social sphere are direct capital expenditures. They do not bring profit “here and now” and therefore are of interest to the bourgeoisie and their representatives in government agencies only in terms of maximum reduction. As long as the power in the country belongs to capital, working people should not expect significant improvements in their lives.