A teacher in Chelyabinsk is being accused of «extremism»


A student of the Chelyabinsk branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) under the President of the Russian Federation, having caught one of the teachers of “extremism”, wrote an official letter to departments at various levels. The applicant believes that the university administration condones the candidate of historical sciences Aleksey Shilkin in his “extremism”. The teacher denied the charges and is preparing to file a complaint with law enforcement. Everyone has done well here – both the author of the denunciation and the supposedly innocently convicted teacher.

“Shilkin A.M. literally stated the following (see the audio recording of the lecture): President Yeltsin committed a state crime; this person committed “treason” and the coup (in 1993); The Russian Constitution is an illegal document, it appeared in the process of a coup d’etat; The President in Russia heads two systems: the criminal and the official”, – the document (available at the disposal of URA.RU) provides a number of theses, sounded on October 4 at the lecture” Legal regulation of the passage of the civil service”, – reads an excerpt from the “statement”.

The listener notes that the leadership allows Shilkin to conduct anti-state views in the audience.

The applicant also noted: “According to the management of the branch, they are aware of the illegal statements of A. Shilkin. For this reason, they do not instruct him to give lectures with bachelors and masters, but in fact all municipal workers and civil servants of the Chelyabinsk region, including representatives of law enforcement agencies, undergo retraining and advanced training led by Shilkin, who considers the Constitution of the Russian Federation to be illegal, and the President of the Russian Federation as a criminal boss who seized Crimea and destabilized the situation in the country”.

The applicant asks the departments to check the audio recordings of Shilkin’s lectures for slander, insults against government officials, signs of extremism aimed at undermining the constitutional order. The listener demands to dismiss the teacher and involve the leadership of the university under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (negligence).

Aleksey Shilkin gave comment to URA.RU: “If the lady who wrote this statement had not been 30-40 minutes late for the lecture, she would have heard the introductory part, where I explained to the audience that I was giving the normative point of view, the official position of law enforcement agencies and academic opinions from various publications of well-known legal scholars for familiarization. In particular, the words about the legal coup committed by Yeltsin belong to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation V. Zorkin and were published by him in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in March 2015. The situation is similar with other “seditious” quotes: words in the recording are taken out of context, and other people’s theses are submitted in the application as if they were mine”.

The petition on Mr. Shilkin

We are aware that such statements constitute a dangerous precedent, which may become the reason for bringing to justice honest representatives of Russian education, real professionals and just good teachers who love their work. We do not classify Mr. Shilkin as such – the method of his teaching causes nothing but skepticism and fear for the future of students who are taught by teachers of the same quality throughout the country.

But why are there so many surnames and frightening abbreviations? Why is the head of the Department for Internal Policy of the Presidential Administration being asked to deal with the case of a bad teacher, one of many, Mr. Shilkin? A student undergoing a retraining program for the specialty “State and Municipal Administration” should be aware of the procedure for writing official appeals to the authorities, but the array of names of top bosses from totally different branches of government regulation testifies to the opposite. We are now witnessing the effects of the modernized educational system.

However, “who wrote the four million denunciations”? Citizens of liberal and even conservative views often repeat this question like a mantra. Who, after all, ruined lives of “the most talented people of the era”, “the luminaries of Soviet thought”? Indeed, not all denunciations were written out of a sense of nobility. Epochs are changing, characters are not changing: in the Soviet Union there were such citizens as our applicant, cowardly acting exclusively in the mainstream of a subjectively understood state policy and trying to remove unwanted ones with the help of denunciations. The desire to rely on the mighty of this world to tame the inappropriate person and at the same time to stand out on their own – this is the life position of the bad boys who write denunciations and who are the ones that the modern Russian punitive system leans on.