A student organized a shooting at the Perm State University: eight dead, many wounded


Tragic incidents occur again and again

In Russia, another execution in an educational institution. On the morning of September 20, a student started shooting at the Perm State Research University. The shooter’s actions led to the death of eight people. Seven were hospitalized. The attacker was injured and neutralized by a traffic police officer who ran to the scene. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case.

Perm shooter

The shooter, Timur Bekmansurov – a law student, was arrested – he put up armed resistance and was wounded by a law enforcement officer. Before the attack, the student posted on VKontakte that this was not a terrorist attack, that he was not a member of extremist organizations.

“I hate myself, but I want to hurt everyone who gets in my way,” he wrote.

The shooting crimes happen over and over again. Loud speeches of mentally disabled young people are becoming the norm in modern Russia, part of the so-called Putin’s stability.

It is easy to see how in recent years there have been more and more reports in the media about incidents in educational institutions in Russia. The categories of attackers vary, but they are all young people whose outlook on life is not fully formed and for whom adulthood is just beginning.

The reason for this behavior, so unusual for, for example, the Soviet social model, lies in market alienation, in the pedaling of the law of survival “man is wolf to man”. And that’s why the shootings will continue to happen. We and our children will be in danger until we solve the social contradictions that destroy the psyche of young people.