A regional leader blamed local residents for the budget deficit

The head of Ingushetia Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov has found the cause of local budget deficit. According to the official, it is the citizens of the republic who neglect their duty to pay land and property taxes as well as traffic fines.

Budget organizations owed 869 million rubles, on insurance contributions – 639 million rubles. Before the coronavirus, the deficit was 66.9 million rubles.

Kalimatov said:

«Tax evaders deprive the republic’s budget of income and literally rob the population».

A few years ago, D. Medvedev, as Head of Government, called tax collection a basis for overall country’s economic renewal. Note: not modern factories, not advanced technology and science, not full employment, but the fiscal system.

A famous Russian writer once pointed out: «The powerful have always blamed the powerless». «The powerful» today is the capitalist ruling class. And they blame common people, who have lost their jobs and become penniless during the crisis, for the loss of tax revenue to the budget (and, consequently, for the economic underdevelopment). They are convinced that those who own the means of production cannot be the cause of their employees’ insolvency

To stop being blamed for crimes it has never committed, the working class needs to fight actively for their rights, organize themselves and constantly build pressure on the capitalists. A weak labour movement plays right into the hands of bourgeoisie. The working class will be able to restructure economy to suit their needs only after concentrating political power in their hands. 

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