2020 saw a significant drop in the earning potential of the working class, as 60% of workers report a loss of income


Almost a third of workers in the Russian Federation announced a decrease in the level of income in 2020, RBC reports with reference to a study by the international recruiting company Hays. At the end of 2019, only 7% of
professionals reported a decline in earnings.

A decrease in income was reported by 32% of those surveyed. For 15% of them – earnings decreased by more than 21%, another 8% lost from 11% to 20% of income. For 9% of Russians – earnings fell by 5-10%. Finally, 38% of professionals have kept their earnings unchanged this year.

At the same time, only 34% of employers who participated in the survey said that they had raised their employee’s salaries this year. At the end of 2019, this figure was 74%. Indexation of wages happens almost annually in Russia to the function in the Rouble.

While the wallets of ordinary Russians are steadily losing weight from year to year, Russian oligarchs have again managed to increase their wealth. And no pandemic prevented them from doing this.

No matter how professional we are in our business, the level of our earnings is still determined by someone else’s uncle, who has concentrated the means of production in his hands. And nothing will prevent him from getting into the pocket of the working people in order to preserve his income in times of crisis.

As long as the people are silent, this corporate robbery will not stop.